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Welcome to Ecostandby Technologies Limited

At Ecostandby Technologies Limited, we’re committed to illuminating homes and powering businesses across Kenya with sustainable and efficient energy solutions. We specialize in a range of renewable energy and electrical services, each designed to provide reliability, efficiency, and the highest quality assurance.

Discover Our Services:

Off-Grid Solar Installation

Experience the independence of sustainable living with our state-of-the-art off-grid solar installations, perfect for Kenya's remote locations.

Grid-Tied Solar Installation

Connect with the future with our grid-tied solar solutions, designed to reduce bills and carbon footprints seamlessly.

Backup Installation

Never worry about power outages again with our reliable backup systems, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for your critical operations.

Submersible Solar Pumps

Access clean water wherever you are with our eco-friendly submersible solar pumps, ideal for both residential and commercial needs.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Protect your data and hardware with our UPS installations, tailored to provide power stability in the most critical moments.


Be prepared for any situation with our range of generators, ready to deliver power whenever and wherever you need it.

Solar Water Heating Systems

Cut energy costs and enjoy hot water year-round with our solar water heating systems, designed for the Kenyan climate.

Electrical Installation Works

Trust in our certified electricians to handle all your electrical installation and maintenance needs with professionalism and expertise.

Stabilizer Installation

Guard your appliances against voltage fluctuations with our precise stabilizer installation services.

Why Ecostandby?

  1. Leadership in Renewable Energy Solutions
  2. Customized Services for Every Client
  3. Innovative and Sustainable Technologies
  4. Exceptional Quality and Customer Service
  5. Commitment to Environmental Conservation

Our Impact:

Through our work, we’re not just providing energy; we’re building a sustainable future for Kenya. Check out our recent projects to see the difference we’re making.

Stay Informed:

Keep up with the latest in renewable energy and company news by visiting our blog. Learn, engage, and be part of the green revolution.

Get in Touch:

Ready to make the switch to sustainable energy?

Contact us today for a free consultation and take the first step towards a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.

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